Perk up with fresh coffee

We're a bunch of ordinary coffee-loving folks
who believe amazing freshly roasted specialty coffee
should be fun, affordable, and accessible to everyone.


Our Story

Perk was started by coffee-crazy couple Paul and Serena. Their coffee journey began much earlier in Africa, where they both lived for several years. Serena grew up in Kenya where her grandparents pioneered the first Chinese restaurant in the coastal town of Mombasa. Paul moved to Kenya after finishing uni in Australia and became a farmer in Masaai land. It’s in Kenya that they fell in love with coffee and developed an appreciation for its delicious “fruity” coffees and the beautiful highland plantations.

From Kenya, they spent two years in Hawaii. Their search for great coffee continued as they explored the stunning sea view plantations of Kona, Big Island. Their spirit of adventure finally brought them to Singapore where they decided to put their roots down. Perk was born out of their love for great coffee and travel.

Fresh is best

Our roast to order model means we can supply you the freshest coffee in Singapore. And why does that matter? Coffee begins to stale and lose its optimal flavour and aroma about three weeks after roasting. Supermarket coffee is roasted months before it’s sold. At Perk, we roast within 48 hours of shipping. Taste the difference of fresh Perk-y coffee!


Our connection to Africa and Hawaii have inspired us to not only bring you the freshest, highest quality coffees, but also a commitment to an ethical, sustainable product. We proudly support our amazing farmers by ensuring we pay above Fairtrade price for all our coffees. This is particularly close to Paul’s heart, being a farmer himself for many years!


You’ll always find coffees you love with our ever-changing seasonal menu of coffees from all over the world. Your Perk account page lets you stay in control. You can easily pause, re-schedule, switch coffee or pack types, change frequency, or cancel any time.

Our Team

Paul The Coffee Guy


The Coffee Guy

Constantly caffeinated, Paul tastes scores of coffees every week to bring you the best beans on the planet. A farmer for 15 years, he has a strong empathy for the farmers who grow our coffees. He has a deep passion for nature, food, and adventure. One of his favourite past times is riding his motorbike through his farm to check on his crops. His motto is “Live life fully and have fun!”

Favourite brew method:

V60 - clean crisp taste & oh so easy to prepare and clean!

Serena The Creative Genius


The Creative Genius

Serena unleashes her creative juices into everything at Perk. She also loves to get outdoors and close to nature. From hiking the Cévennes mountains, to road tripping through southern Africa, to night diving with manta rays, she constantly seeks out ways to connect with nature. Although getting her feet muddy doesn’t bother her, on a daily basis she’s actually a hygiene freak!

Favourite brew method:

French press – strong and heavy bodied, with a dash of milk!