Make your coffee break

count with specialty coffee 

in a pod.

Hand blended, hand roasted in Singapore

and now available in convenient 

Nespresso compatible pods. 

Perkpods are finally here.

Whether you are a busy on-the-go professional or someone who wants good coffee and values ease and convenience of pods, perk pods are the ideal solution.

We are on a mission to help our customers make your coffee time count. After 8 months of testing and tweaking,  we believe that Perk Coffee’s locally hand roasted and blended, locally packed speciality coffee in a pod, will be your new go-to nespresso compatible coffee pod.

Buy your new favourite coffee pods today. 

Our pods are made with beans that are locally roasted in Singapore and hand blended to our exacting specifications. 

Why Perkpods?

Manufactured in Singapore

The pods are manufactured and packed in Singapore to ensure the best possible quality. 

Hand blended and roasted

Specialty Coffee

Know what's in your coffee. We have taken the exact same blends that we roast weekly and packed it in convenient pods.

Our Intrepid blend is what we recommend if you want a strong coffee to start your day. 

It is roasted medium dark, with low acidity and a chocolatey finish that lingers.



Our Coffee


The Urbanite blend is our happy coffee. Perfect for that after lunch perk-me-up.

It has a mild fruity aroma and a creamy mouthfeel that is sure to put a smile on your face. 


2 box taster pack

How much do Perkpods cost?

For 20 pods

one box of each of our flavours

Inclusive of free delivery

1 box



For 10 pods

Choice of one of our flavours

Inclusive of free delivery


We currently have two blends on offer. You can choose any one or both to try through our intuitive ordering system. 


Once you checkout, all you need to do is wait as we work to fulfill your order. 


Choose your blend

The pods are delivered directly to your home or office. 

Enjoy your coffee! 



Enjoy your New Pods.

One of our regular customers is a pilot with a local airline. He orders every two weeks and enjoys taking the time to hand grind his beans before brewing the perfect brew with his Urbanite beans. 

However, he flies a few times a month sometimes for days at a time. He tried bringing his coffee brewing apparatus but at times, that wasn’t feasible. However, he wrote in and said “ Most of these hotels I stay in have Nespresso machines. It would be amazingly convenient to be able to carry the coffee in a pod so I can enjoy my daily brew".

We built Perk coffee upon a simple promise- we want to help you make your coffee time count. The question then was, how would we do that with coffee in a pod form? 

This started a search for the right pod. The easy way was to go to a pod manufacturer, find out what beans were available and simply put them into our own packaging to sell. However, after trying out over 30 different brands, we decided that while that was good enough for others, it just wasn’t our way. We did not just want to sell coffee in a pod, we wanted to provide our customers with , Perk coffee, in a pod. 

Finally, after 8 months of trial and error, we came across a winning formula. Firstly, we found a company who was setting up a dedicated facility in Singapore. Second, we took two of our most popular blends and tweaked the variables until we had a pod which could consistently deliver the experience we wanted. There was an epiphany moment when all the people in the testing room sipped a particular batch and had the same slow satisfied smile. 

The beans are hand roasted to perfection, precisely blended and ground and packed in a dedicated facility with stringent QC checks. After a few tests, we believe it has been worth the effort. 

We are proud to introduce our perkpods range with our Intrepid and Urbanite blends in a Nespresso compatible pod.  

Our customers trust us with the most important 15 minutes of their day, their coffee breaks. Make your coffee break count today with our hand roasted and blended, locally packed specialty coffee in a pod. Now available.

Make your day better- get more out of your coffee time. Purchase your new favourite pods today.  

Your time is valuable. In your coffee break, don’t settle for old, stale pod coffee. You deserve Perk coffee’s speciality coffee in a pod.

The Story Of Perkpods

It started with an email...


Specialty coffee in 

Nespresso Compatible pods. 

With your favourite blends. 

Get yours today!